Self Portrait

Like so many of us, I wasn't born out west, but I was born with the need for what it stands for.  Inspired by all that symbolizes an era gone by; the romance and danger, the cowboys and Indians, the longhorns and horses, these photographs embody the enduring spirit of the west and transcend it to a contemporary genre without sacrificing the integrity of each subject.


I have been fortunate that my career as a photographer has allowed me to live vicariously certain aspects of the west I may well have never known.  Through the lens of my camera I witness, from mere footsteps away, the savage toll inflicted on each cowboy's body as they struggle to defy the strength of the bull's determination.  Through the lens of my camera, with the rest of the world blocked out, I am transported back in time to when the Lakota Indians battled the hardships of life on the plains of South Dakota.  But just taking the picture is not enough.  I have never been so close to fulfilling a lifelong dream as by spending days in the saddle helping cowboys round up horses on thousands of acres of wilderness.  When listening to members of the Lakota tribe share stories of their ancestors, I am humbled.  I am honored to know them.


My work is dedicated to defining moments in western lives lived hard and lived well.  To each image I add a digital art finish that fuses color and texture to further enhance the visual impact.  The synergy created by this fusion of reality and imagination makes each image timeless.

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